Restricted Keys

Nowadays it is so easy for anybody to copy a key, especially from the locks you get from the big hardware stores. It sounds great for convenience but for security reasons this is pretty alarming. Even the keys that have DO NOT DUPLICATE stamped on them it mean nothing unless they are restricted keys. Some of these companies making the keys from a photo will say that they are not creating a new risk, but anyone that can have access to your keys can take a photo and make copies of it without going anywhere. 

We have seen so many times people leaving their keys on the counter while movers, contractors, cleaners, etc. all walk around the house. It takes little to no time to take the photo and keep walking, even if you have to take photos from both sides. It's important to not leave your keys around or give them to anybody you don't want them to have a copy. When  you go to service your car, remove your car key from the key ring and provide only that, remember, your home address is on the car's registration card!

An economical way to prevent this from happening is to get restricted keys, which cost less than high security  locks and can't be easily  duplicated since the key blanks are strictly controlled. Installing an electronic lock can also help you to make less or no key copies since you can provide a code for temporary access to the house which can be easily changed later.

Remember that any  technician who install locks in the states of Virginia and Maryland  is required to have a locksmith license. This means that the locksmith has been criminally background checked and works for a licensed locksmith company ,  so before you hire anyone to install your locks make sure they have the required license for it and show it to you when they arrive at your property. 

A key being copied using a photo

A key being copied using a photo


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