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Rekey Your Locks in McLean, VA

 Rekeying a lock on your new home or an existing property is a great way to peace of mind. To rekey simply means to change the existing format of a lock to make the current key stop working and making a fresh new key work on the locks. The reliable locksmiths from National Lock & Key are here to help. We’re available to help residents in the McLean, VA area rekey their locks. Whether your keys are worn out or you feel you’ve lent too many keys out, our trained experts can come to your property and rekey your locks in a timely manner. Our services are convenient and dependable for residents in McLean, VA.  

Reasons To Rekey Your Lock

There are a variety of reasons why someone would want to rekey their locks. Whether it’s a roommate moving out or you’ve lost your only set of keys, National Lock & Key can help you out with our professional rekey services. One of the typical reasons why you would want to rekey a lock when you’re moving into a new home or are leasing an apartment. Rekeying a lock is a great way to secure your living space and possessions since you’re not aware of how many people might have a key to the current lock. This is the primary reason why our expert locksmiths recommend that new residents rekey their locks as a safety measure. 

Many people make the decision on whom to give the key or keys to. We all know many people give the keys to their relatives, neighbors, pet sitter, babysitter, housemaid, contractors, or leave a key under the mat, which is fine and you’re allowed to do what you want. However, at times it can be questionable decision to make, and before you know it, you have several keys to your property wandering around, this where rekeying makes sense. Once our locksmiths do a rekey job, you’ll get that much needed sense of security. 

Getting your locks rekeyed is also a good idea when your locks or keys are worn out.

It might be convenient to allow your babysitter or housekeeper to have a copy of your house key, but it can be a questionable decision to make. If you no longer require his or her services or choose to hire someone else instead, you don’t want your key floating around out there. The same applies if the key has been interchanged between you and your neighbors or home renovation contractors. We can perform a quality lock change that will take you from precarious to protected in no time.

It’s important to rekey the locks in your home when they are worn out or have been damaged. Since it’s one of the only lines of defense your home has against burglars, you should make lock changes a top priority.

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