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Electronic door locks are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your home. National Lock & Key can install the latest and best in electronic door locks, keyless door locks, and keypad door locks in Reston, VA and the surrounding cities. Not only are electronic door locks an attractive addition to your home, they also give you the ability to control entry into your home even when you’re not there. Traditional, mechanical key locks are easy to install but as the name suggests, you must have a key to gain entry to your home. Keys can easily be stolen or lost so having a keyless entry, as an option is extremely beneficial and convenient.

Upgrade Your Home with Electronic Door Locks

Choosing a new electronic deadbolt for your home can seem like a daunting task, but the expert locksmiths at National Lock & Key are able to help you choose and will install the best lock for you and your lifestyle. Some of the lock options we offer our clients in Reston, VA include:

  • Keypad Door Locks: Keypad Door Locks are one of the earliest iterations of the electronic door lock. They work by entering numbers on a keypad or an electronic keypad to gain entry. Newer models come with security features in order to prevent access to the code.
  • Bluetooth Enabled Locks: Bluetooth Enabled Locks can use the Bluetooth signal from your smartphone or a key fob to unlock the door. They usually include a secondary way to open the door in case your phone battery dies or you lose the fob.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Locks: Radio Frequency Identification Locks are similar to Bluetooth enabled locks in that they use a signal to open the lock. This signal can be transmitted through either a card or a key fob.
  • Biometric Entry Locks: Biometric Entry can use fingerprints in order to unlock the door. The convenience of Biometric Entry is that you can add the fingerprints of every person who needs entry to your home whether it’s roommates, children, or the dog walker, you can add whomever you need.

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